01. The old man [lured] children into his home by promising to show them his new kittens.
02. The police were able to [lure] the drug dealer into a trap by posing as addicts looking for cocaine.
03. Cigarette companies are doing everything they can to [lure] young people into smoking.
04. Young men in the small towns are always attracted by the [lure] of the big cities.
05. He used live worms as a [lure] to catch the fish.
06. I [lured] my little brother into the kitchen by telling him there was chocolate cake there, and then ran back into the living room to change the channel on the television.
07. We used old fish heads to [lure] the crabs into the trap.
08. The Olympic Games has lost its [allure] for many fans since it decided to allow professional athletes to participate.
09. Quebec City is one of the most [alluring] cities to visit in North America.
10. She smiled [alluringly] at her lover, and walked towards the bedroom.
11. Charles Lindbergh said that it was a love of the air and sky and flying, the [lure] of adventure, the appreciation of beauty that motivated him to make his historic transatlantic flight.
12. Did you know that naturalists use marshmallows to [lure] alligators out of swamps?
13. In the movie "E.T.", a little boy used candies to [lure] the alien out into the open.
14. The ancient Romans [lured] swordfish within range of their spears by using boats shaped like their prey.
15. The beautiful forests and valleys of the Republic of Georgia have been a great [lure] to poets and travelers throughout the ages.
16. Early visitors to Tahiti were [lured] by stories of the great beauty of the islands and its people.
17. People flooded into Hong Kong during the 1800s and 1900s, [lured] by economic opportunities, or fleeing from danger in their homeland.
18. Legend has it that in 1284, the Pied Piper [lured] 130 children of Hamelin away, and they were never seen again.
19. Advertising often uses beautiful people in exotic locations to [lure] people into buying a product.
20. After changing the [lures] on our fishing lines, we began to catch more fish.

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